Dizmo publicly asking for a Bobby East feature

Dizmo publicly asking for a Bobby East feature

“Dizmo’s Bold Move: Publicly Requesting a Feature from Bobby East”


The Zambian music industry is known for its dynamic collaborations, where artists from various genres come together to create unforgettable musical experiences. In a recent turn of events, rising Zambian rapper Dizmo has taken a bold step by publicly asking for a feature from none other than Bobby East, a prominent figure in the Zambian music scene. This article delves into the significance of this move, shedding light on the potential impact it could have on both artists’ careers and the local music landscape.

Dizmo’s Ascent: A Young Rapper on the Rise

Dizmo, whose real name is Paul Mwansa, has been making waves in the Zambian hip-hop scene with his energetic delivery, witty lyrics, and engaging storytelling. Despite his relatively short time in the industry, Dizmo has managed to carve out a niche for himself, amassing a dedicated fan base drawn to his authentic style and relatable content.

Bobby East: A Trailblazer in Zambian Music

Bobby East, born Robert Chunga, is a Zambian rapper, singer, and songwriter who has been a driving force in the Zambian music industry for over a decade. Known for his versatility and ability to blend different musical genres, Bobby East has consistently produced hits that resonate with audiences of all ages. His influence extends beyond music, as he’s also a respected figure in the entertainment and fashion spheres.

A Bold Move: Publicly Requesting a Feature

In a world where networking and collaborations are often conducted behind closed doors, Dizmo’s decision to publicly ask for a feature from Bobby East is a move that has garnered attention and sparked discussions. In a social media post, Dizmo expressed his admiration for Bobby East’s work and stated his desire to collaborate on a track. This public request has not only displayed Dizmo’s confidence but also created a buzz among fans and the industry.

Impact on Both Artists

Dizmo’s public request for a feature from Bobby East is more than just a request; it’s a statement of his ambition and desire to collaborate with established artists to elevate his own career. If the collaboration comes to fruition, it could open doors for Dizmo to a wider audience, giving him exposure to Bobby East’s fan base and potentially leading to greater recognition.

For Bobby East, the public request acknowledges his influence and prominence in the industry. Accepting the collaboration could be a way for him to give back to the community by supporting and nurturing young talent, all while introducing his music to a new generation of listeners.

The Impact on Zambian Music

Beyond the individual artists, this public interaction between Dizmo and Bobby East speaks to the evolving landscape of Zambian music. It highlights the openness of artists to engage with their peers, regardless of their status, and the growing trend of collaboration as a means of fostering creativity and unity within the industry.


Dizmo’s public request for a feature from Bobby East is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of the Zambian music scene. This bold move not only showcases Dizmo’s determination and respect for Bobby East but also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and support among artists. Whether or not this collaboration becomes a reality, the exchange has already made a mark in the hearts of fans and industry insiders, serving as a reminder that the spirit of unity and creativity continues to thrive in Zambian music.


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